About Us

Imagine 360 VR is part of a bigger picture. You see, Silver Creek Communications, LLC was established back in 1996 creating corporate websites for small to midsized companies worldwide. Creating a web development company in the early 90s made way for such things as e-commerce, hosting, online data storage, marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO, and so many other things too long to mention.

We have been in the business of shooting interactive scenes for more than two decades.  With our experience comes rock-solid approaches to providing the very best virtual tour solutions on the web.  We’ve experienced technologies that have come and gone and have seen some really impressive virtual solutions along with some not so great ideas.

As the VR world has evolved, we have done our homework and have researched all of the various ways 360º Virtual Reality videos can be rendered.  Some people have experienced Matterport or 3D Showcase.  We looked into this format but was concerned with the costs of having to pay for ongoing hosting on their servers for the life of the file.  We wanted a way to shoot VR videos for our clients where they owned the work and could post it on YouTube and Facebook without ongoing hosting costs.  The Matterport solution is pretty cool, but maybe not the perfect fit for Realtors and RV dealerships that have a high turnover.  Our solutions provide almost everything the Matterport solution provides and a little more for a lot less.  For more information, give us a call.  We look forward to working with you.  (417) 527-5771.